Each class has its own form teacher with subjects being taught by specialists from Prep 2 onwards. Every classroom has its own library and girls are encouraged to read quietly for 15 minutes each day. Teaching builds on and expands the basic skills acquired in Pre-prep.

At this stage of education it is important that each girl is given individual attention. This not only helps her to discover and develop her personal strengths, but also to uncover any areas of weakness. Once those strengths and weaknesses are recognised, then ‘small group’, or even ‘one-to-one’ tuition is available. This tuition may be for enrichment of the academically able or remedial help for any girl experiencing difficulties.

The full curriculum in the Preparatory Department includes English, in all its forms, Mathematics, Sciences, I.T., History, Geography, R.E., French, Music, Art and Design, Needlework, Cookery, Woodwork, Drama, Sport and Physical Education.  More advanced science teaching is incorporated into the curriculum and, as well as the weekly French, spelling and arithmetic tests, the pupils are introduced to the concept of formal examinations.

In the summer term of Prep 4, girls experience an ‘enrichment’ experience. In the past this curriculum has included First Aid, Drama, new languages and Diving (taught by our very own ex-Olympic diver).

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