Calling all ‘Ashdellodians’ Past and Present

As you may be aware, Ashdell is preparing to merge with Sheffield High School in September 2017 to become Sheffield Girls’ School.  The current buildings will be retain their name as the Ashdell site and house the Infants department of the new school for hopefully many years to come.  In the final two terms with the school as an independent entity we, together with Friends Of Ashdell,  are hoping to piece together the school’s sixty-eight year history into a small publication in order that we may commemorate everything it has achieved from its earliest beginnings with Miss Naylor to what we know today.

We hope we will be organising a celebratory event that is to be opened to those who have been associated with the school at some point in the summer term, but in the meantime we are writing to you to ask for assistance in helping to produce this volume.  Whilst we hold selected photos and stories we would very much like to record details, stories and anecdotes of your memories of the school, its pupils, its buildings and its staff.  It need not be a lengthy document, even just a paragraph would do, as the aim of this venture is to cumulatively build up as fuller picture of life here in the past as possible and then present it chronologically in a vibrant coffee-table style reader.  We would also welcome loans of any photos of the school and its pupils in the past for digital scanning and inclusion as well.

If you are able to contribute we would be delighted to hear from you by emailing  It is also very important that you include your name (including how you were known when you were here) and your years in attendance at Ashdell in order that we can organise the stories most effectively into associated chapters.  We cannot guarantee that every story will be published but will include as many as possible within our page count.

Should you also wish to purchase a copy, which we are hoping will retail around £15.00, please could you let us know in by replying to the email address above and we can therefore begin to establish an idea of numbers involved for publication.  We will later follow up your enquiry once the exact specifications of the books have been finalised.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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