Prep 2 Suitcase Sale

Prep 2 have been learning about poverty as part of their PSHE lessons at school. Whilst this left us feeling a little low, they decided they also could feel empowered if they tried to make a difference.  We brainstormed lots of ideas and they agreed on a ‘Suitcase sale’. 

Prep 2 only – the girls have already started bringing in their toys, books, clothes, games etc. (including a good variety of toys for younger children). Most are second hand but good condition but some items are new or rarely used! They are bringing these in a suitcase (hence ‘suitcase sale’). They will be setting up their ‘stalls’ in the Balfour Hall on Monday 15th May and the rest of the girls in the school will be brought down to the hall by their teachers.

What we need from you:

Please help us support children in poverty and send your daughter in with money on Monday 15th May.  There is no restriction on how much she can bring in – we are trying to raise as much money as possible!

The money will go to a place called Potters Village in Uganda. If you would like to find out more about Potters Village and the work they do you can click on the link:

The money will go directly to Potter’s Village and this charity was chosen as we know the money we raise will not be lost on administration costs but will go directly to the areas where it is need.

By spending as little as 25p your daughter will be buying a litre of milk, a vital requirement for the older babies whilst as much as £10 would provide a whole month of support for a child who has been orphaned.

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