French is taught throughout the school.  The Pre-Prep classes are introduced to the language through oral and aural activities, including songs, rhymes, puppets and games.

Reading and writing are introduced in Prep 1.  Each girl has her own colourful workbook, which she takes home to complete exercises for homework.  The Prep girls continue to enjoy the oral aspect of the lessons, practising role-plays and sketches in small groups.  We have recently acquired recording microphones, which are ideal for this purpose.  The girls also have the opportunity to “perform” their work for their classmates, if they wish.

Every two years, the Preps 3 and 4 girls have the chance to go on a residential trip to France for 4 days.  There is always great anticipation and excitement in the months leading up to this!  When in France, all the role-play and vocabulary practice suddenly becomes very relevant, and the girls really benefit from the experience.

Our first stated objective at Ashdell is “to educate the whole girl through a broad and balanced curriculum with equal opportunity for all”.  By including French in our curriculum, we are going some way to meeting this objective, and the girls leave here well equipped for language learning in the future.

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