Art plays an intrinsic part of enhancing and enriching a child’s learning at Ashdell; stimulating creativity and development. We always strive to identify a child’s individual skills to give them the maximum learning opportunity in this subject. Children work at their own pace on many of the projects, allowing them the satisfaction of completing their art to a very high standard. This approach provides our pupils with a real sense of achievement and develops their ability to appreciate their own and other’s work.

The school’s art department has a national reputation for excellence. Pupils are given the opportunity to showcase their work locally and nationally through art competitions and exhibitions, for example, the Sheffield Young Artist’s Exhibition and David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Art Competition, in conjunction with the Natural History Museum, in London. Ashdell is proud to hold the Artsmark Gold award in recognition of its commitment to and excellence in arts education.

In our recent IAPS inspection report (June 2011), it states that ‘The pupils’ creativity is exceptionally strong…evident in … the emotional impact of the art… pupils regularly achieve success in national competitions…; such successes have a most positive impact on pupils’ personal development.’

The school has two dedicated art rooms equipped with an excellent range of materials. Art work is often mounted and displayed around school for the enjoyment of pupils, teachers, parents and visitors; the more exceptional pieces are framed for permanent exhibition (both individual and group art work).

The art curriculum is broad and balanced, and reviewed regularly to maximise pupils’ learning and enjoyment in this subject. It provides all of the children with opportunities to develop personal and individual ways to express their ideas. The curriculum embraces art projects on a small or large scale where pupils can experience working in a range of art forms in 2D & 3D – drawing, painting, batik, silk screen printing, mixed media, clay, wire, modroc, recyclables and plasticene; art appreciation – focussing on contemporary and historic artists from a range of cultures around the world, working in 2 & 3 dimensions; individual and group projects – the latter often involving permanent display work for local hospitals, for example, The Sheffield Children’s Hospital, or whole school projects for the National Gallery’s ‘Take One Picture’ project; and a gifted and talented programme allowing pupils with particular talent to develop and showcase their work. All pupils participate in workshops within school which are hosted by arts professionals; the children are also given the opportunity to visit local and national art galleries and museums. During the week, there are two very popular after school art clubs available for pupils wishing to further pursue their art & design experience.

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