As the second of the core subjects areas, Maths remains central to the curriculum here at Ashdell. With lessons daily for all pupils, emphasis is placed not just on the learning of techniques but their application within the subject and also the wider world. We aim to prepare and enable the Ashdell girls for life with their numeracy skills, not just give them the ability to answer a sum in a book.

With cross-curricular learning embedded throughout our curriculum all the way from PP1 (Reception) to P4 (Year 6) Maths is not a separate entity detached from other subjects. Although clearly entailing discreet lessons, it is used across many areas particularly within Technology, ICT and Science where overlapping concepts, such as graph work, measurements and scales are taught in parallel to Maths lessons allowing for extra consolidation and extension.

Our school uses a comprehensive scheme of work that builds on from one year to the next, allowing continuity and progression as standard. Staff diligently modify and evolve these documents year on year, depending on the nature of their cohort, and lessons are always directed appropriately to the level of the individual, right from those needing stretching to those who would benefit from extra support. By the time pupils reach PP3 (Year 2) they have covered and extended upon (if appropriate) all necessary areas for completion of national SATS tests; by the end of the second term of P4 all classes have covered the relevant material for covering either senior school entrance exams, or alternatively Common Entrance 11+ (this time frame is due to most schools’ tests for entrants occurring during this term). Assessment procedures in Maths occur at key points in the year throughout the school to best inform teachers’ planning and pupils are given clear guidance as to what is their ‘next step’ after each assessment, as well as in the interim if their target has been met.

In order to promote and encourage Maths the school also runs an annual Maths Week, which this academic year (2013-14) sees the return of the ever popular Happy Puzzle Company to enthuse pupils in problem solving, and also parents in a purpose run evening workshop! The whole school participates in a wide range of events show-casing both Maths’ applications within subjects, but also how it can be used outside of our classroom in exciting ways. The week also gives us an opportunity to share links and resources with Birkdale School for Boys, with Maths again facilitating this connection.

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