Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at Ashdell

Ashdell Preparatory School recognises the importance of pastoral care as a girl will learn more easily if she is happy at school.

A recent inspection found:

“The personal development of pupils is outstanding and is supported by the excellent pastoral care, welfare arrangements, and health and safety procedures.”

” The well-disciplined, caring environment, in which smiles and laughter are a significant part of school life, provides a fully supportive backdrop to promote learning.”

“Pupils are unfailingly polite to visitors and treat their peers and staff with great respect.” 

“Pupils’ spiritual development is characterised by thoughtful reflection and on a firm moral code,  with  a  strong  appreciation  of  right  and  wrong.”   

“Pupils  show  considerable strengths in social awareness and talk to each other with maturity.   Their care for one  another  is  embedded  in  all  aspects  of  school  life.    Older  pupils  develop supportive  relationships  with  younger  pupils  and  respond  with  enthusiasm  to  the many opportunities for responsibilities.”

“The  quality  of  the  arrangements  for  welfare,  health  and  safety  is  excellent. Relationships  between  staff  and  pupils,  and  amongst  the  pupils  themselves,  are friendly and mutually supportive.  As a result, pupils of all ages are well behaved and courteous.

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