What Parents Say About Us

During our latest inspection parents were asked by the inspectors to fill in a questionnairre about what they thought about the school.  Here are some of the things they said:

“Her confidence has excelled, she is happy, outgoing and now reads her books to me at night with pride. We could not be more pleased with her progress.”

“My Daughter is exceptionally happy at Ashdell and as a result, learning does not seem a chore for her at all.”

“All round learning experience and I SEE HER BLOSSOM into a bright little girl everyday!!”

“We are kept fully informed and it is good that the truth is told.  It is crucial to have a clear & objective view – even if it is not always what we would like to hear – re: how our child is doing.  Much time and effort has gone into keeping us fully up to date.”

“One of Ashdell’s strongest points is its Pastoral care.”

“It is very clear that the teachers at Ashdell care about the girls at the school. I trust they look out for my daughter whilst she is in their care.”

“At parties, the amazing behaviour of the Ashdell girls means you can spot the children a mile off.”

“The girls are very polite and courteous. The older girls help the new girls settle in which really helped my daughter settle in to the school routine.”

“Girls at the school are taught respect, it is not of a very disciplinary nature because it is not required. Older children are encouraged to integrate and help younger children which encourages a mutual respect.”

“I am please to say all children are treated the same regardless of the backgrounds, culture or financial status.  The children all show respect and modern values.”

“Always one step ahead of my concerns…excellent”

“The head teacher is superb.”

“The head teacher is an active member of the school, always around and available to talk, and more than happy to be fully involved in the daily activities of the school.”

“Staff have been very helpful and have dealt with any issues no matter how big or small, quickly and effectively.”

“Just an amazing school with which we have been delighted and our daughter loves.”

“One seemingly minor but still important aspect of the school for us is the beautiful way it is kept.  The cleanliness, the immaculate and well tended ‘city garden’ all give a message that implies that the school cares about its environment and the environment it creates for the children.   The children are nurtured in a place that is well cared for.  This is contributes to the strong sense that the children are hugely valued and each is special.  I drop my daughters off with enormous confidence that she will have a happy day and learn more readily as a result.”

“I am extremely happy with this school and so is my daughter.  She goes to school smiling and comes home smiling.  She talks about her lessons, her friends and her teachers with a very positive attitude.  The school provides an excellent environment for my daughter and the other girls they all seem to be one big happy family.  The range of activities in the school year is extremely broad and I feel my daughter has blossomed since she began in Reception.  The teachers provide a warm and caring life for my daughter as well as teaching her the necessities of life.”

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